Common FAQ?

What exactly comes with a “Crochet Word Chart” purchase?
Each Crochet Word Chart comes with row by row written instructions and a large pixeled visual aid for comparison. You will also get a color code and yarn recommendations based on the best selection of colors. Each color code provides a count of stitch that allows you to calculate needed yarn.

Do you create graphs just in case I want to verify the written instructions?
I assure you that the written instructions are perfection and free of error!
However, we do sell a cross-stitch like multi-page print out for an upgrade of $2 per pattern you have purchased.

Simply make your purchase and then email me at with your purchase email.

Do you allow custom orders? How much are they?
There are 2 type of custom orders I accept:

1. Custom orders that I can resell.
$4 Pillows, $5 Standard, $5.50 Square, $6 Full.

2. Custom orders that are non-resell.
2’s the cost above.

If you make a request and tell me it is okay to resell it, however, I do not feel it is capable of being resold, I will inform you of the non-resell price before completing the project.

Would you like to make a request?
Click HERE to get started today!

Do you create humanistic portraits? How much are they?
YES, I have the ability to make humanistic portraits. HOWEVER, I can say that I’m still new on this and if I don’t feel I have reached my expectations of the finish project, I will 100% tell you.

I take pride in my work, therefore I won’t sell something I am not proud of! My very first portrait was created by me and crocheted by me.

Portrait crocheted in Tunisian Single Stitch by ME =)

Do you only sell crochet patterns?
No! I sell 2 in 1 format writen and charts for Diamond Painting and Cross-Stitch.
The Diamond Painting Written Patterns simply require you to buy your blank canvas and gems, the pattern is ready to go from there.

These patterns also come with a matching Cross-Stitch visual grid just in case you don’t trust the written instructions and want to plot from the chart.

NOT to forget that these Cross-Stitch Grid Charts are also, well cross-stitchable!

From left to right, crochet, cross-stitch, diamond painting.