Contributors: Thank You!

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would not be possible without the devoted contributors whom crocheted the amazing patterns I   designed.  Their time and labor of love far exceeds the expectations I dreamed of.

Thank you to my Ultimate Dream Team:
Your countless hours of my throwing patterns your way will never  go unappreciated. 

Thank you: Anna, Maryann, Emillia, Dalia, Tia, Michelle, Kim, and Stephanie.

A further thank you goes out to:
Donna, Denise, Karen, Marly, Heather, Gina, Bradley, Debbie, Latanya and Randi, for without you my POP Collection  could of not been complete.

To the Caron Simply Soft Color Scheme and the 4 Color Scheme Challenge Participants:  THANK YOU!  (Please click on each photo to see each person’s name)