What exactly comes with a “Crochet Word Chart” purchase?
Each Crochet Word Chart comes with row by row written instructions and a large pixeled visual aid for comparison. You will also get a color code and yarn recommendations based on the best selection of colors. Each color code provides a count of stitch that allows you to calculate needed yarn.

What all can I do with a purchase Crochet Word Chart?
You can crochet in both single crochet and tunisian simple stitch crochet. Each written instructions purchased comes with the simple instructions on how to read the word chart for each. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even use the written instructions to cross-stitch or complete diamond paintings!! Some have even used them for Latch Hook rugs, however, single crochet and tunisian are explained.

Do you create graphs just in case I want to verify the written instructions?
I assure you that the written instructions are perfection and free of error!
However, we do sell a cross-stitch like multi-page print out for an upgrade of $2 per pattern you have purchased. Please email SaraAK04@yahoo.com, after your order is complete, and we will send you an upgrade $2 link

Do you allow custom orders? How much are they?
There are 2 type of custom orders I accept:

1. Custom orders that I can resell.
$5 Pillows, $5 Baby $5 Standard, $5.50 Square, $6 Full.

2. Custom orders that are non-resell.
$10 for basic charts and $14 for business logos or local team sports.

If you make a request and tell me it is okay to resell it, however, I do not feel it is capable of being resold, I will inform you of the non-resell price before completing the project.

Would you like to make a request? Email saraak04@yahoo.com today!